Clean Beer
8 Jefferson St. Milford, MA 01757
                                                  We Specialize in Draft Beer!

 Our company provides equipment and services that guarantee the quality and profitablilty of your dispensed beverages. Our draught beer system cleaning program not only sanitizes your beer lines, tavern heads and faucets, but also provides care for your line cooling, fob and gas delivery systems. Our cleaning chemicals are endorsed by Anheuser-Bush, Coors and Guinness. This comprehensive cleaning program is necessary to maintain the quality and profitablilty of draught.

We also install and service draught beer, wine, soda, and gas delivery systems in the New England area. Our staff is on call 24/7 for emergency service and gas delivery. To enjoy draught beer, wine and soda at home we offer services to install and maintain such products and kegerators, refrigerator draught conversion kits, picnic pumps and cold plates.


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